What to expect on moving day?

First, the driver will give you the inventory sheets and, as each box is moved to the house, the crew will mark the numbers of the boxes so that you can mark them from the list. Once you've moved each of the items to your new home, you'll be asked to sign the inventory sheets. Get up and have something for breakfast (you'll need energy). Pack your bags last minute before the moving workers arrive.

If you still don't know what to do on the day of the move to avoid the chaos of the move and ensure a favorable outcome, the following checklist for the day of the move is ideal for you: it will guide you through the most important 24 hours of your relocation adventure and help you overcome it, no matter the difficulties. Your carefully chosen moving partners know what they're doing and will make your move as safely, quickly and efficiently as possible. Let them do their job, but stay close so they can easily contact you if they have questions or need help. Make sure you have cleaning products handy and do as much cleaning as possible before the carriers start bringing your things.

It details the type of items transported, the quantity, the value of the items, the estimate of the move, the expected delivery date and the proposed destination of the items. In fact, it's best to keep all your valuables and move them yourself, as this way you'll be more relaxed and avoid conflicts with the moving company. Even when you're waiting for it to happen, it's really infuriating to be left in a dirty house to move to. Hopefully, your preparations are over when the carriers knock on your door (at the pre-agreed time, if everything goes well; however, if the carriers arrive more than half an hour late, contact the moving company right away and ask them to tell you what's going on and when exactly you can expect the moving equipment to arrive).

When you're not using professional removers, it's a good idea to plan the move and who moves what. Moving companies unload all items in your new home and in the room specified in the carefully labeled boxes. Being courteous and maintaining a relaxed mood will go a long way to reducing the stress of moving and will inspire some goodwill in people moving. A bill of lading is a document issued by an item carrier that confirms receipt of the items being moved.

Moving day isn't always perfect, but if you expect to have setbacks, you won't be too discouraged. Cleaning your old house is quite easy: do a thorough cleaning the day before (bathroom, kitchen, etc.) and, when the van is almost full, do one last lap with the dustpan, brush and sponge to pick up any dirt from the day of the move. Reserve adequate parking space for the moving truck, so that it is easier to put objects inside it, leave enough space for the moving company to pass when transporting objects and eliminates obstacles that stand in the way. When you use family and friends to move, you'll need to take an inventory of the items you're moving.