What to expect on moving day?

First, the driver will give you the inventory sheets and, as each box is moved to the house, the crew will mark the numbers of the boxes so that you can mark them from the list. Once you've moved each of the items to your new home, you'll be asked to sign the inventory sheets. Get up and have something for breakfast (you'll need energy). Pack your bags last minute before the moving workers arrive.

If you still don't know what to do on the day of the move to avoid the chaos of the move and ensure a favorable outcome, the following checklist for the day of the move is ideal for you: it will guide you through the most important 24 hours of your relocation adventure and help you overcome it, no matter the difficulties. To avoid confusion and errors when moving companies arrive and start loading your items into the truck waiting for you, we recommend that you keep everything you want to take with you during the move: your box with the essentials, personal electronic devices (phones, laptops, tablets, chargers), tickets and keys, documents, jewelry, family heirlooms, etc. Before the day of the move, it is advisable to create a list of things to do that day so that your move goes smoothly. Knowing what to expect on a moving day helps you with your list and, as a result, reduces your stress level that day.

We packed our bags because we had enough time between the exchange and the completion (besides, a friend who just moved has given us a lot of boxes). We should prepare it beforehand so that those who move can take things as quickly as possible when they arrive. Moving companies unload all items in your new home and in the room specified in the carefully labeled boxes. If you have hired the services of a professional moving company, expect to receive a bill of lading from the moving company.

Moving day isn't always perfect, but if you expect setbacks to occur, they won't discourage you too much. Moving companies usually have lunch at a café on the way so you can go to the agency and pick up the keys to let them in or give them to the vendors if they're still there. In fact, it's best to keep all your valuables and move them yourself, as this way you'll be more relaxed and avoid conflicts with the moving company. We moved in when DS was two years old, I took him to the group of young children in the morning while my father and father were packing for the house.

Make sure you have cleaning products close at hand and do as much cleaning as possible before carriers start bringing your things. Even when you're waiting for it to happen, it's really infuriating to be left with a dirty house to move into. It's best to make those decisions in advance, so that people moving can carry the heavy parts directly to the rooms they're going to live in.